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Nathan Marcus Fund

A better tomorrow

Empowering the future leaders in oral care

This fund is dedicated to “continuing education programs” and can only be used to pay for these types of programs. Nathan Marcus was a dentist from Vernon, CT and who was passionate and active in furthering the profession of dental medicine.
This fund can only be used to pay for continuing education programs. Dr. Nathan Marcus was a dentist who resided in Vernon, Connecticut. He was passionate and active in the local, state and national levels of many dental organizations and was dedicated to furthering the profession of dental medicine. Having obtained his degree as a career change, he enthusiastically embraced the profession.

Dr. Marcus was a past president of the Connecticut Academy of General Dentistry as well as the regional vice president and a national director of the Academy of General Dentistry. He was a proud member of the board of directors of the Lewis Fox Division of Continuing Education at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine.

In addition, Dr. Marcus was well known in Connecticut as he also was a member of the Connecticut State and American Dental Associations, the Tolland County Dental Society, the Academy of General Dentistry, Friends of the Connecticut University School of Dental Medicine and the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity.

To honor his lifelong work and dedication to improving the field of dentistry, the Connecticut State Dental Association established a fund to acknowledge his work and memory. The fund is overseen by the Connecticut State Dental Foundation. The sole purpose of this fund is to support continuing education programs in the field of dental medicine.